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Episode 7: What will the role of our military be after COVID-19?

May 16, 2020 Blue Collar Conservatism Season 1 Episode 7
Blue Collar Conversations
Episode 7: What will the role of our military be after COVID-19?
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For too long many of us have seen our military merely as a fighting force.  We think of troops on the ground, often abroad, with guns, and of war.  Until recently, most people hadn't seen our military as a defending force and one that preserves lives.

But that is exactly what the military is doing during this pandemic: working with the NHS, saving lives and defending our country. 

Going forward, will the military be used to do more at home? And will the military medical teams work more closely with the NHS and share its knowledge on Biological and Chemical warfare? And will the military’s incredible logistic expertise be used as a national resource, particularly as we will need to get our economy back on track and the country back on its feet after lockdown?

To help us explore these questions, we speak to: 

Nick Knowles TV Presenter and the star of DIY SOS, who explains why he’s such a fan of our Armed Forces and why we should be doing more to utilise their skills.  He also recalls the moment his mum and dad met in the RAF and reveals why he felt the military wasn’t for him.

Paul Doyle, former member of the First Battalion of the Grenadier Guards, explains how the army could be doing more to help the NHS and why the expertise the medial military teams have isn’t being used or called upon enough. He sees the military as an important resource to help build our country after lockdown.

Colonel Bob Stewart, a former British Army officer and United Nations commander in Bosnia, and now a Member of Parliament, explains how, over the years, as the size as the military has shrunk, it has become more remote and less connected to the regions across the country. He hopes that when the public see how the military has helped during this pandemic, from delivering 7 Nightingale Hospital to delivering PPE and performing testing right across the country, more might consider it as a career again. He also reveals why our Armed Forces may be needed more at home to provide protection & support for the country in future.

Paul Matson, founder of Hull for Heroes, tells his own very personal story about falling on hard times when he left the army and recalls the moment his aunt found him in a doorway, weighing only six and a half stone, and helped him get back on his feet, which helped him turn his life around. He is now helping other veterans do just that with his organisation. We as a society are failing many of our ex-military. We need to learn how to help them transition back into civilian life much better and incorporate their skills into the national effort.

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Nick Knowles
Corporal Paul Doyle
Colonel Bob Stewart
Paul Matson (Hull for Heroes)