Blue Collar Conversations

Episode 2: COVID-19 in Care Homes and Football Clubs

April 08, 2020 Blue Collar Conservatism Season 1 Episode 2
Blue Collar Conversations
Episode 2: COVID-19 in Care Homes and Football Clubs
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This is our second Blue Collar Conversation online. We’ve moved from the pub to the podcast! Like our country wide pub events, these podcasts act as a space to discuss ideas that champion working people. 

In this era of social distancing are we all coming closer together? Is Covid 19 making us focus on our local community and are we seeing things with fresh eyes, things we’ve turned away from for too long? 

In this episode, Esther McVey MP speaks to a care home owner and staff member about the pay, the support and the standing care workers have in our society. 

Selina is one of the 1.4 million care workers in the UK and hasn’t seen her family for over a month so concerned she might bring Coronavirus into the nursing home in which she works.  Short of PPE, not being tested and not getting any priority when she goes shopping, she carries on dedicated to the elderly she looks after and has just today put her name down to self isolate for 2 weeks with them should there be an outbreak of Covid 19 in her care home.

David, owner of a care home, looks after 100 elderly and has 2 Covid 19 cases in his home. Taking one day at a time he feels he and his staff are seen as second class citizens, reduced to buying masks on line, and leading the march to protect his elderly patients he feels abandoned. 

Finally Ryan from Bradford City Football Club talks about how Coronavirus is affecting the different levels of the football pyramid, how the challenges facing a club in League Two, like Bradford City, are a million miles away from their Premier League counterparts. He also explains why it is so important that the current season is completed however long it takes.

David, care home owner
Selina, care home worker
Ryan, Bradford City Football Club